Welcome to Latinas in

Global Health

Building a healthier region and advancing latin american women into global health leadership positions

We believe in realizing women's rights for an equal future.

We believe that women are vital for enhancing the public's health.

We believe in technology and innovation to connect and help women realize their full potential.

We believe we can help accelerate progress towards gender equality in the healthcare workforce and advance the SDGs.

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About us

Latinas in Global Health has been established in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) based in the U.S. with a global reach.

A socially conscious organization oriented to action and transformation based on evidence to build healthier and stronger health systems, achieve equity for all and make gender equality a reality.

We are a group of health professionals committed with making an impact in the world. 

"We believe that there cannot be any sustainable development without achieving gender equality"


What we do



Meet health experts, share knowledge, experiences and best practices. Learn and empower each other and maximize the impact of your work.

Latinas in Global Health online platform is a common space to facilitate dialogue and find areas of collaboration



Latinas in Global Health partners with value-aligned organizations whose actions guide public policies, funding, drive opportunities and facilitate change, to scale the work of our members and achieve our mission.

Closing the data Gaps

Research Institute

We challenge the status quo by collecting the necessary data to inform policy and translate into actionable solutions.

We are a diverse group of professionals asking the right questions and conducting research in different topics, combining health, technology and social development for a better future.

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Become a world health leader

Become a member and enjoy all of our free services to lift you up and help you become a world health leader

Online Courses

We provide flexible, accessible and inclusive online training courses to help you advance in your career.

Online Networking Events

Connect to our interactive monthly calls. Meet and learn from fellow health professionals and from our guest speakers.

Methodological Guidance

At Latinas in Global Health we have a team of health professionals with vast experience in research and publications. We will help you find the right design for your study, how to collect and interpret data and how to publish and disseminate findings.

Mentoring Program

Become a mentor or mentee. We believe mentorship is key for advancing in our careers and we've experienced first hand that we wouldn't be where we are without our mentors. Give back and become a mentor.

Partners and Collaborators

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