About us

About Latinas in Global Health

Our Philosophy

We are transforming how healthcare professionals connect to improve and scale their work. We facilitate discussions and redefine collaborations focusing on health programs that will build a healthier region.

We put women's work in the spotlight cause it oftens lacks recognition. Globally women make up 70% of the healthcare workforce but only 25% get into leadership roles. But what happens in Latin America, part of our Research Institute work is to collect gender data to challenge the status quo to inform policy and translate into actionable solutions.
Our Research Institute focuses on asking the right questions to collect and generate data that will transform people's lives.

We work on three pillars; building community, creating partnerships and elaborating research. 

Founder & Director


Jazmin Freddi MD, MBA,MPH

Jazmin Freddi founded Latinas in Global Health to connect latin american women working in global health around the world. She believes in the value of networking and mentoring to advance women's careers and strengthen relationships for personal growth. She created Latinas in Global Health to facilitate connections and enhance collaborations that empower women to generate more impact in their communities.   

Jazmin was born in Argentina. She is an MD and also has an MBA and a Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University, with a concentration in Health Systems and Policy. Jazmin has lived and worked in multiple countries and has been exposed to diverse cultures and roles. She is currently based in Miami, Florida, United States. 


As part of her experience she managed her family business where she currently serves on the board of directors. She also worked and published some of her work at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC in the Social Protection and Health Division. She also worked at Janssen Pharmaceuticals by Johnson & Johnson in Global Market Access and Global Public Health based in Beerse, Belgium. Later on she joined Janssen in the UK, where she worked as a Scientific Communications Manager in Medical Affairs developing a digital strategy for the EMEA region. Most recently she worked as a Medical and Global Public Health Policy specialist at Policy Wisdom.  

As part of her continuing education Jazmin took a course in Social Medicine analyzing the social and economic determinants of health in Lacor Hospital in Gulu, Uganda (SocMed). And has completed a course in Health as a Human Right at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

In addition, Jazmin is the President of the Board of the UN Women USA - Miami Chapter and she is a member of United Way-Women United and Vital Voices Miami.

In 2019, Jazmin has been awarded as a Top 100 Healthcare Leader.

Meet the Team

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Rosario Freddi

Partnerships Coordinator

Rosario has a passion for bringing different sectors together to achieve gender equality in our lifetime.


Nazmi Gonzalez

Community Coordinator

Nazmi is a journalist and has completed a course in community management. She is passionate about connecting people and empowering women. 



Matías Márquez Eng.

Chemical Engineer. Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering. Consultant in mathematical models and programming. Advice on predictive models, modeling of administrative contagion, among others.

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Yamila Comes PhD, Post Doc 

Yamila is an experienced researcher, especially on gender and inequities studies. She is also a psychologists and holds an MPH.

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Rafael Zamora MD

Medical Doctor, consultant in health management.

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Guadalupe Benavidez

Nutritionist. Health Coach. Author "Healthy People, Healthy Organizations". Member of the Microbiota and chronic diseases working group of the Argentine Nutrition Society.


Queshia Bradley

Queshia has vast experience in designing, developing and managing programs for international & national NGOs. She's an accomplished grant writer, capacity building/training specialist, researcher and strategic analyst with robust background in racial climate and race issues.