Latinas in Global Health

Online Courses

Principles of Epidemiology

Intensive and interactive course on basic epidemiologic principles and methods.

Advanced Epidemiology

Advanced Training

Practical course for evaluating epidemiological data and translate it for decision making.

Biostatistics Basic & Advanced

Basic & Advanced Course

Biostatistical methods and foundations for quantitative reasoning and application for global health solutions.


Analysis of the different research methods for global health issues and introduction to academic writing of scientific research.

Latinas in Global Health offers courses for health professionals who want to continue with their education and to junior professionals who need the skills to jump start their career in global health. Either way, our students are eager to learn and make an impact in the world.

Our interactive courses are designed for modern students who want to study at their own pace having access to professors and peers to interact and learn in a practical setting. All courses are dictated in Spanish for the moment.

Mentoring Program

We believe mentoring is key for boosting our careers and realizing our full potential. Our specially designed mentoring tools will maximize the relationship towards achieving personal and professional growth for both mentor and mentee. 

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How it works?

Fill in the Application Form

Fill in the form to apply as a mentor or mentee.

Tell us about you and why you are interested in applying for the program. 

Matching Process

Once we receive all of the applications we will evaluate them to pair mentor/mentee according to their interests.

Mentoring Begins

Pairs are introduced and are expected to set the bases that most suit their needs, as well as the time they will commit to the program over the next 3 months.

Methodological Guidance

Our diverse team of researchers have worked in academia, public and private organizations. They all have vast experience in research and publishing in scientific magazines. We will help you and your team ask the right questions, define the design for the study, guide you on how to collect and interpret data and even research the most suitable platforms to publish and disseminate your findings. 

We can help you in any or every step. We are looking forward to hearing from you, contact us today for a free consultation! 

Online Networking Events

The key pillar for our platform is to connect and empower each other. We believe that by lifting each other up we could build a healthier region. That's why we conduct monthly online networking events for members to introduce themselves, tell the group about what they are working on, their frustrations and aspirations and find collective ways to take our work to the next level.

Each call will have a different topic featuring a guest speaker. 

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